// What platforms does LyteShot run on?

The LyteShot hardware is Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth LE), so we support any device that can communicate via Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low-Energy. Our software API currently exists for iOS & Android, and we also have a Unity3D API that can be used for Unity games running on those platforms.

// Why is LyteShot different?

We are trying to bring mobile gaming to the next level, and give people a way to play mobile games without having to stare at a small screen. While there are other companies that claim to be doing similar things, we believe in our vision, and that’s why we’re being very open with both our hardware and software! You don’t have to buy games or hardware from us, we have an API available that other developers can use to make games, and we publish the schematics and plans so you can build your own set of our hardware. For those of you that don’t want to build your own hardware, you can purchase it commercially.

// I have hardware, but my friends do not. How can I play with them?

LyteShot games such as Assassin will work with and without requiring our hardware. While you can play games like Assassin and Invasion without the hardware, the hardware takes the interactive gaming experience to a whole new level and allows you to use certain powers/ give you access to certain features not available to players not using the hardware. We don’t do this to be mean, we want to everyone to play, but there are certain things that can’t be done with just a mobile device which is why we created our unique hardware.

// How can I get the LyteShot hardware?

Easy – signup up on our mailing list and mark your calendar for January 6th launch of our KickStarter campaign to participate in our KickStarter campaign. You will be able to not only get the commercial hardware, but also be able to get your hands on our early beta hardware.

// Can I play games without peripherals?

Yes, all LyteShot games can be played just the Lyter and LytePuck, and a majority of the initial games are being designed so you can play using only the LyteShot app system and your mobile device. Invasion, for instance, will require only the Commander to use a Lyter and LytePuck while all other players can play with their mobile devices and game app.

// How is this different from other live action, mobile-based systems?

Many of the systems that are currently out there require you to insert your phone into the peripheral to make it work. LyteShot is different because we have based our system in the cloud to be accessed by any kind of mobile device, not just a smartphone. We are planning in the near future to integrate Heads Up Display technology to our platform, so you can leave your phone at home.

// How is this different than laser tag?

Asking if LyteShot is different than laser tag is a lot like asking if Xbox is different than calculator. The LyteShot platform can not only support a game of laser tag (easy!) but also provide for the creation of entire library of Alternate Reality Games (ARG) that leverage the hardware’s different sensors to create unique multi-player games that share the game data through the cloud to create special rules, geo-boundaries, and other special functions such as respawning, late entry, kill clock, penalties and more – besides being able to design and 3d print your own gaming peripherals for your games!

// What games can I play with the LyteShot hardware?

The game types are limited on by imagination – whether it be an RPG, FPS, Action/ Adventure, there will be game types for everyone on the platform. And we launched with Assassin: The Game which is based on the collegiate version of the game of Assassin that has been played on college campuses and in workplaces since the mid 1970’s. We also are developing a Fantasy RPG that allows for team based campaigning anywhere as a warrior, ranger or wizard to capture runes in locations set by players to engage portals. In addition, we are also working on a team based territory capture game for mobile devices that we hope to release soon. Finally, we are working on a game called Invasion. It is a team based tower defense game, played in real life, designed by some of the same folks who designed Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) and Slap .45!

// If I use a LyteGun, LyteWand or other peripheral, how will that affect my game?

None of the LyteShot games REQUIRE you to use a LyteGun, LyteWand or other peripheral to play. However, by connecting a peripheral you may be given special functions depending on the game. For example, if you connect your Lyter to a LyteSword, you could be given a higher level of attack, but you will only be able to attack at a closer range.

// Are there any solo play games available on the LyteShot platform?

Although the LyteShot platform is designed to get people out into the real world and play games in a live community, we are planning to offer solo game play options for quite a number of games. Invasion, for example, is currently being designed for 5 – 20 players, but a solo play option for this game is in the works.

// What is the LyteShot Marketplace and when will it become available?

The LyteShot Marketplace is where games that are developed by users/ developers are hosted for others to download. As an open source gaming platform, LyteShot is all about working with developers to develop and monetize their games for the platform. And when it comes to peripherals, players will be able to download LyteShot designs of our peripherals to 3D print, or you can share their designs with community members, and/or you can will also be able to upload your designs to sell on our Marketplace.

// What is the battery life of the current hardware?

We are determined to include the most efficient rechargeable battery possible in the Lyter and LytePuck. In its current iteration, users will be able to play up to 4-5 hours, depending on the use within each game. Increasing battery life is among our top priorities with our lithium-ion batteries as we want you to be able to play for as long as you want, whenever you want. No longer will you have to worry about buying cartloads of batteries to power your fun – users are able to recharge their devices on the go without needing to continue to buy costly batteries, just like their mobile phones.

// What type of phone do I need to connect to the Lyter & LytePuck?

Our games are Unity 3D based and so the games are easily ported into Android and iOS, so if you have a phone that has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) such as any iPhone 4S or later model, or any of the latest Android phones, the hardware easily pairs wirelessly to your mobile device.