A Look at the Augmented Reality Games Available on Today’s Market


If you have paid any attention to the gaming  industry over the past few years, you have  likely heard about augmented reality games.  These games providing amazing interactive  experiences brought to life in a 3D space.  Augmented reality technology has been used  in more than a handful of games, most of  which providing thrilling gameplay. Let’s take a look at some of the augmented reality games available on today’s market.

AR Basketball

Sports fans rejoiced when they found out that augmented reality technology would be implemented into a new basketball game. AR Basketball allows players to simply point their camera toward an area where they would like a basketball hoop to be placed. They then print the marker from website at no cost and the basketball hoop will appear in place of the marker. Players then take shots with easy to execute swipe gestures to rack up the points. The game’s augmented reality visuals combined with its intuitive controls, social network support and global leaderboards make it a must-play for anyone who is into the sports genre of video games.


The new trading card game, Drakerz-Confrontation, uses augmented reality in a unique fashion. This amazing technology helps bring playing cards to life. Seemingly simple trading cards are transformed into 3D cartoonish monsters referred to as “Drakos”. These uber-cool looking monsters pop right off of the cards and engage one another in very entertaining battles.


One of the more interesting puzzle games to be released of late, PulzAR makes solid use of augmented reality technology. The game’s gorgeous puzzles center on aiming a laser at obstacles until it is redirected into outer space where it can impede an incoming asteroid. One of the highest rated augmented reality games on the market, PulzAR is an absolute masterpiece. Anyone who enjoys the immersive look and feel of augmented reality games will immediately fall in love with PulzAR.

Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Sure, we all love treasure hunts but we stopped partaking in them after grade school. Thanks to augmented reality technology used in the Temple Treasure Hunt Game, anyone can engage in a thrilling treasure hunt without feeling self-conscious. Hop on to the thrilling treasure hunt trail to find the ancient treasure hidden buried deep in a discretely placed Shiva temple. The camera makes players feel as though their surroundings are indeed real. There is even a built-in location based tracking technology in the game to boot.

Table Ice Hockey

It is commonly said that hockey is the best sport to watch live. That statement certainly holds up when one plays Table Ice Hockey. Augmented reality technology has come so far that it actually brings a full size hockey rink right into your home with Table Ice Hockey. You can take in the hockey action from your preferred angle, engage in a tournament competition, partake in fights and customize your own team. Yet the most important component of Table Ice Hockey is its aesthetics. The game looks stunning and feels quite realistic thanks to the augmented reality technology.


Niantic Labs, a group owned by Google, created Ingress for iOS and it has not disappointed in the slightest. This geo-location based game has a story centered around Exotic Matter (XM), a fictitious form of matter than can control the thoughts of human beings. As it leaks into our world through portals, game players must select a side and help them achieve victory. The game uses real world locales as well as landmarks that players will instantly recognize. These sites are brought to life thanks to the game’s remarkable use of augmented reality technology.

Real Strike

Real Strike a 3D augmented reality first person shooter app. Available on the iOS platform, Real Strike’s new camera system and unbelievable graphics bring the genre of first person shooter into reality. 3D gun animation combined with combined with the game’s unique camera system can turn just about any environment into a military base. Combat is incredibly real, not only because the augmented reality technology incorporates the player’s current environment, but also because of the game’s attention to detail. Players use thermal vision, tactical flashlights and night vision for a fully immersive experience.

Pokedex 3D Pro

Think of all the kids out there who grew up playing Pokemon games, wishing that the characters and environments on their screen could come to life. Thanks to augmented reality technology, Pokemon characters from generations one through five can now be presented as animated three dimensional characters.

The success of augmented reality games shows that the nature of the industry is quickly changing to include players’ actual environments. Become a part of the augmented reality video game revolution where imagery pops right up off of the screen and into your living room. This is fully immersive and dynamic video game experience we have been waiting for.

Assassin: The Game

Pick up Assassin: The Game for the LyteShot platform and you’ll be able to launch games right from your smartphone. Go ahead and establish your own unique rules and geo-boundaries. You can even make the game available to the rest of the playing public. Once you start playing you’ll be shown your target’s mug shot. You then embark on a quest to eliminate him by igniting his LytePuck with your Lyter. At the same time, your assassin will be on the prowl to eliminate you as well. As soon as you successfully terminate your target, the LyteShot app updates the game and provides you with a new target from those who still remain in the game. Assassins: The Game received an Auggie Award as the Best Game in its category of the augmented reality field. Considering the other jaw-dropping nominees out there, the award is quite impressive. Assassins is a must-play for those who are even the slightest bit interested in augmented reality. Learn more and get Assassins:The Game Here.

The success of augmented reality games shows that the nature of the industry is quickly changing to include players’ actual environments and with Mark Zuckerberg recently announcing Facebook’s participation in augmented reality development, there is no doubt that augmented reality is here to stay. Augmented reality is the futureThis is fully immersive and dynamic video game experience we have been waiting for.



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